The ensemble consists of three different objects, dealing with time, rotation and the direct influence of gravity. The kinetic installations
are inspired by the interplay between masses through gravitation,
the movement of planets and its thereby developed time-system.

time / path The clock / calendar rotates electronically and consists of two rings holding a small sphere. Different scales are applied onto the rings: one reads 1-24 for the day, the other 1-31 for the month. The sphere points the hour / day. The constantly circling of the moon around the earth and the turning of the earth around itself are revealed in the circling of the rings.

moment / instant The installation made from six, horizontal turning belts, deals with a different aspect of time. Through six motors the belts run through in one minute, one hour, one day, one week, one month and one year. Even though the belts are running in different tempi, all of them show the same time passing by.The installation pictures the moment and the passing
of time in the same gesture.

light / mass The lamp is inspired by the attraction between two masses and consists of two interconnected luminous circular lamps. When one is pulled down, the other one rises up. The light turns off when the bigger lamp is at its lowest position. The lamp shines brighter the higher the bigger lamp is.

in cooperation with Hannes Fromm & Nicolai Schilasky mentored by Jan Bernstein & Sebastian Neitsch